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About us

We're visionaries and data nerds using technology to help companies build better insurance products that protect and improve the lives of their customers.

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Our Vision

We believe that tens of thousands of online companies will embed insurance into their products in the future. They have access to unique risks and data that can be used to distribute and to create insurance products that protect their users while improving margins.

We are reinventing the insurance industry by building the technology that will power the trend to provide better and cheaper protection for people. We're starting this journey with the platform that will become the standard for companies embedding insurance, anywhere in the world. And this is just the beginning!

We also believe that distributed teams are the best way to deliver world-class performance, allowing people to live and work from wherever they want. We believe in empowering and trusting team members so they have the autonomy to make the right decisions to achieve our bold vision.

Founding Team

Matheus Riolfi

Co-founder & CEO

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Jérôme Selles

Co-founder & CTO

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Jonathan Petitcolas

Lead Engineer

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Kevin Maschtaler

Software Engineer

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