Reduce insurance losses by 25%+ with AI‑powered scores

Predict losses based on the best possible combination of your user and transaction data with 1,000s of external attributes

Using state-of-the-art AI for predicting insurance claims was never so easy

Data augmentation

Our proprietary technology augments your transaction and user data with the best attributes among 1,000s of options by combining data from dozens of external vendors

Model calibration

We use the augmented dataset to build a ML-powered custom score that predict your expected losses. You get the most accurate results because our models learn from the best dataset for your platform

Tint Score

The Tint Score measures the probability of an insurance claim and is available via our production-ready API. It is transparent, you can see the attributes behind each score

Ongoing optimization

Your Tint Score constantly learns from your data and from the events in our network and gets more predictive over time. One time setup, always optimized

Risk superpowers for you, on us


Predict more insurance claims than any other option

Speed to market

Use our world-class API to reduce development time that slows your progress

Magical easy of use

Our solution synthesizes the most relevant metric in a production-ready score, no Data Science knowledge required


The Tint Score is data source-agnostic and constantly optimizes them behind the scenes


Prioritize profitable transactions and catch risky ones

Secure and Private

Your data is secure and is not shared without your authorization

Turn your insurance program into a profit-making operation

Optimize protection and insurance pricing

Charge the right protection fees, deductibles, and security deposits for each risk group

Stop very high-risk transactions

Use the Tint Score to identify the minority of your transactions that represent the majority of your losses. You can stop or manually review them

Remove friction from your low-risk customers

Make sure your low-risk customers, the most profitable ones, have a smooth experience in your platform

Try your own Tint Score for free

Get your customized Tint Score for free and start reducing losses and improving customer experience