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Reduce costs and increase insurance profitability

The Tint Insurance Platform provides no-code tools required to design, launch, and optimize modern insurance products that delight your customers.

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Our AI-powered platform streamlines all steps required to underwrite any Property and Casualty (P&C) risk

No-code configuration

Manage every detail of our insurance products including plans, coverages, deductibles, and limits directly on our app.

Seamless optimization

Our platform is designed for continuous improvement through A/B testing of both your models and our AI-powered technology.

Lower insurance cost

We help you design and source policies from insurers and negotiate discounts to reflect the savings you get by using Tint.




Reduce loss ratios and optimize pricing to increase profitability by 25%+.

Speed to market

Our world-class API reduces the development time to hours instead of months.

Flexibility with transparency

You are in control of all steps and have recommendations from our AI-powered models.


Once implemented, our platform allows you to manage your program without engineering or data science resources.

Use Cases

Design and optimize modern insurance programs with policy-level decisions

Offer customized insurance

Increase your margin by offering insurance products that are relevant and improve the lives of your customers.

Make real-time risk decisions

Combine AI-powered models and rules to optimize risk selection and pricing.

Reduce operating insurance costs

Save on your insurance bills by translating improved loss experience into lower premiums and broader coverage.

Customer Testimonials

Riders Share

There are too many vendors that promise to help with fraud, but we didn’t know one that helped us reduce our insurance costs while growing fast. That’s why we decided to try Tint.

Chris Aragon, Senior Manager, Claims