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What We’re All About

We’re on a mission to make protection a feature, not a product by embedding insurance and assurance solutions into the brands that customers love. Providing coverage for intrinsic risks directly in the checkout process.

Where We Come From

Prior to founding Tint, Matheus Riolfi and Jérôme Selles were early employees at Turo, the leading peer-2-peer carsharing platform. They worked together to build and launch insurance in-house. Along the way, they had to navigate the complexities of building and maintaining a compliant solution in a regulated industry. Insurance was core to their business, making this work critical – and difficult. 

After years of exhaustive work, tireless efforts (and some duct-taped operations) they realized how impactful it would be to have a partner that could help them navigate the complexities of a regulated industry. 

Someone who could provide an innovative platform to manage their program and the data they needed to make continuous improvements. 

That was when the idea for Tint was formed. In 2018, they founded Tint to be the partner they wished they had earlier in their career.

Today, we enable a wide variety of businesses to offer embedded protection for risks intrinsic to their platform. Our story is rooted in providing the expert service, innovative technology, and risk transfer options that make it possible to build and optimize embedded insurance and assurance solutions.

Our Founders

Matheus Riolfi Co-Founder & CEOMatheus has over 15 years of experience at high-growth technology companies. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor and advisor. Prior to Tint, he was the Director of Global Expansion at Turo.
Matheus Riolfi Co-Founder & CEO
Jérôme Selles Co-Founder & CTOJérôme has over 15 years of experience at innovative tech companies. He holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications. Before starting Tint, Jérôme was the Head of Data at Turo.
Jérôme Selles Co-Founder & CTO

Our Leaders

Adrien Vion Head of Finance & Analytics
Darnella Schutzman Director of New Products
Elizabeth Sholes Head of Marketing
Jonathan Petitcolas Head of Engineering
Matt Dulac Head of Legal
Mark Janz Head of Sales

Our Investors

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