Our vision

We are living the 4th Industrial Revolution in which Artificial Intelligence and Data are changing the world. We believe that companies working on the space have the opportunity, and duty, to use this power to create value for people, everywhere.
We believe that the combination of humans, AI, and data will empower companies to build a safer and fairer world. We're doing our part by building software that helps teams working on risk problems find the right data from any external source to improve their predictive models.


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Matheus Riolfi
Co-founder, CEO

Matheus was the Director of International Expansion at Turo and launched the company in Canada, UK, and Germany. He pioneered the operations, including insurance and risk management. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business school and a dual degree in business from University of São Paulo and Kedge Business School.

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Nathan Barraillé
Co-founder, CTO

Nathan was an Engineering Team Lead at Google where he designed and developed innovative mobile payment solutions for emerging markets in South-East Asia. Before that, he led mobile engineering teams at Remind and LinkedIn. He holds a MSc in Computer Science from ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France.

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Jérôme Selles
Co-founder, CDO

Jérôme was Director of Data Science & Analytics at Turo. He built and scaled the team, the data infrastructure, and the AI models applied to risk management. He holds a dual MSc. in Engineering from ENSTA ParisTech and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya.

Want to work with us?

We're a Silicon Valley company that allows our employees to work from wherever they want. We believe that great talent can be found anywhere.