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Embedded insurance delivers unparalleled value to our partners.

Enabling Digital Insurance Distribution With An Intuitive Embedded Experience

We believe embedded insurance has the power to tie relevant protection to customers’ core purchases, elevating the digital buying experience and increase conversion. We’re on a mission to make insurance a feature of the buying process, not a product bought separately. 

Access Profitable Risks & Innovative Distribution 

Our partners reap the rewards of innovation without needing to build technology to enable an embedded digital experience. 

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Who We Partner With

Our embedded insurance infrastructure is ready to support a full-lifecycle experience for the brands we work with and provide our partners with access to unique, profitable risks and innovation distribution channels.

P&C Insurers
Capacity Providers
Fronting Capacity Providers

Enabling Digital Insurance Distribution With An Intuitive Embedded Experience

Our team has decades of combined experience in technology innovation and insurance. 

Meet the leaders driving change and innovation for our partners and the brand we work for. 


Tint & RVIG Revolutionize How Capital Is Deployed for Embedded Protection

The partnership between Tint and RVI Group signifies a major milestone of innovation in the embedded protection industry. 

Growing Your Bottom Line & Brand Loyalty

Our Technology

We enable digital distribution through an embedded purchase experience. If you are looking to partner with embedded provider, let’s talk Tint. 

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