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Industries We Serve

Embedded Protection Infrastructure for A Wide Variety of Fields

Elevating User Experience with Embedded Protection

Embedded insurance and assurance makes it easy for brands to deliver better customer experience, higher conversion rates, and grow their bottom line.

Whatever industry you are in, we want to help you deliver a next level embedded insurance experience to your customers seamlessly in your checkout experience. 

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Industries We Serve

Our embedded protection infrastructure is ready to support a full-lifecycle experience from purchase to policy creation and claims management.

Shipping & Freight

We partner with brokers, 3PLs, freight marketplaces, TMS providers, and more to deliver relevant embedded insurance and assurance solutions.

From damage protection to warranties, even pet transport protection - we have a solution to your complex needs.


Human Resources

We work with HR management systems to ensure peace of mind. You’re in the business of trust - and so are we. 

Leading brands trust us to shield their customers from misclassification. 


Property Management

We’re here to help property management platforms deliver damage protection, liability coverage and more for the property managers they work with.

Our team is here to support you in getting your embedded protection up and running.



We’re dialed in to the needs of P2P platforms. From self storage and equipment rental to RV’s and homes - Tint has you covered. 

We make it easy for you to offer damage protection and liability coverage.


Howdy, Partner

Don’t see your industry above? We’d love to learn more about how we can help you deliver embedded insurance or assurance to your customers. 


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