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Developing with Tint

SOC II Compliant embedded insurance infrastructure you can count on.

Plug & Play + API = Tint Has It All

Whether you are looking to get started with a low code embedded experience or you are looking for solution to scale your embedded infrastructure with a trusted API - we have you covered.

What a Truly Embedded Experience

Looks Like For Your Customers

Embedded Checkout Experience_Mobile_Illustration copy
Peace of MInd_Illustration
Stay Compliant_Illustration
Speed Up Time Resolution_Illustration_1

Low Code Plug and Play

We offer a low code option for companies looking to get started with their embedded protection quickly. Your customers still get to experience your native UX with our protection purchase experience built right in.

Plug and Play Integration_Illustration

SOC II Compliant You Can Count On

SOC II compliant and optimized to ensure uptime. 


API Integration

Our API is built for scale. Support full insurance and assurance lifecycles, get data-driven insights, and all the coverage you need with our easy API.

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