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How CitizenShipper was able to build trust by offering a custom protection program with Tint


An inside look at how Outdoorsy cut their insurance claims rate by 25% with a customized Tint Score

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From Collaboration to Innovation: Tint x BabyQuip CFAR Countdown


uShip + Tint: When Harnessing Intrinsic Risk Equals 10x Reward

Drive profits with intrinsic embedded insurance.

When you aren't in the insurance business it's hard to build efficient, compliant and profitable programs - Tint makes it easy.

User protection on your terms

  • Redesign your program. Aligned with your business goals and company vision.
  • Negotiate better terms. Become efficient, compliant and profitable.
  • Optimize your program over time - without ongoing engineering resources.

Incremental changes that make a big difference

  • Predict claims reliably with Tint Score, our AI-powered risk score - powered by your existing data.
  • Optimize pricing with AI-assisted dynamic pricing and flexible A/B testing.
  • Secure better terms by harnessing your data.

Everything you need to scale

  • Insurance infrastructure to build, grow and optimize your program as you scale.
  • Easy API that integrates with your workflows and backend.
  • Everything you need to manage policies and claims in one platform.

Create your own insurance and guarantee products today