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Embedded Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) Protection

A solution for innovative P2P platforms & more.

How Embedded CFAR Protection Works

The world has changed and last-minute cancellations are the new norm. Customers now expect to be able to cancel if their plans change. If your platform can’t ensure they are covered, they are likely to turn to another provider. 

  • Renters on your platform purchase optional CFAR customer protection, directly through your buying experience.

  • If their plans change, prior to rental, they are eligible for a refund of their original purchase.

  • They request a refund through a streamlined process, their request is reviewed.

  • All eligible funds for valid refund request are returned to the renter quickly and seamlessly. 
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CFAR: The intersection of customer delight and protecting profits for innovative platforms.

When The Unexpected, Is Expected

If you run a business that caters to any type of rental experience you know that your customers' plans change - and so do they. Anticipating the needs of your customers with embedded CFAR protection purposefully built into the buying process ties your great brand name to a worry-free purchase experience.

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Growing Your Bottom Line & Brand Loyalty

CFAR protection is a win-win. It helps balance profitability with customer satisfaction. Keep your customers coming back to book with you - and know that you’re also protected from those last-minute cancellations.

Growing Your Bottom Line & Brand Loyalty

Ask The Expert: Why You Need CFAR Coverage

Want insights from a protection pro? We’ve got  you covered in this in-depth article. Complete with a helpful guide built right in. 

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Learn More About How Tint Serves P2P Companies

We Make It Easy to Integrate

Whether you are looking for a low-code plug and play solution or a bespoke solution with full integration - we make it easy. 

Our team is here to support you get your embedded protection up and running.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limitations on this coverage? The limitations on the program, such as maximum refund amount, are set by the company.
What types of companies can offer this to their customers? Cancel for any reason programs are great for booking platforms and peer-to-peer rental companies. If you have a different application, we'd love to talk! 
What should businesses consider when selecting a CFAR coverage provider? When selecting a CFAR coverage provider it's important to find a partner that allows you to tailor the coverage that will best suit your customers.
Can CFAR coverage be customized for specific B2B transactions? Yes! CFAR coverage can be customized by the company to offer their customers the best coverage tailored for their needs.

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