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Embedded Claims Protection

A solution for modern freight brokers and 3PLs

How Embedded Claims Protection Works

The claims process today is terrible. It’s a confusing and drawn out process that puts strain on your relationship with both shippers and carriers. And it isn’t a question of “if” a claim will occur, it’s a matter of “when” a claim will occur.
  • You’ll sell claims protection to your shippers, guaranteeing them a superior, faster claims experience (if they opt in to coverage). 

  • You’ll operate as normal, setting up the designated carrier for each load.

  • If a claim occurs, your protection solution kicks in. Shippers have an easy way to report their claim. 

  • Shippers are reimbursed for the value of their claim through your protection solution.

  • You’ll recover funds against the Hauler or Hauler’s Insurance.
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Embedded claims protection doesn’t replace the insurance you already have. It’s an added layer that improves the claims process & makes you money at the same time. 

The Claims Process is Broken

From loss and damage claims to overcharge claims - the experience today of reviewing, filing, and collecting against a claims puts strain on relationships, has very real overhead costs, and takes longer than anyone would like. 

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Beyond Cargo Coverage

Embedded claims protection safeguards your shippers from any claims that may occur, providing an additional protection beyond what traditional cargo coverage includes. 

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Drive Into The Future with Claims Protection

Watch our latest webinar on-demand to find out how Claims Protection is changing the way Freight Brokers build trust with shippers and carriers.

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Learn More About How Tint Serves Shipping and Freight Businesses

We Make It Easy to Integrate

Whether you are looking for a low-code plug and play solution or a bespoke solution with full integration - we make it easy. 

Our team is here to support you get your embedded protection up and running.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do embedded insurance and protection plans work? Embedded insurance and protection plans work by providing coverage for losses, damages, or liabilities that may occur during the transaction period. Coverage can include property damage, theft, liability, and other risks - like claims protection.
How are claims handled with embedded insurance and protection plans? Claims for losses, damages, or liabilities are typically handled through the platform or a third-party administrator (TPA), who will thoroughly investigate the claim and determine coverage based on the terms of the policy or agreement in place.
When will claims protection be provided to the shipper? Claims protection provides payment to the shipper if the hauler denies or fails to make payment of a valid claim in a defined number of days or the freight broker’s improper screening of the hauler leads to shipper’s loss or damage.
What is freight broker assurance? Freight broker assurance is a guarantee to the shipper that the shipper’s claim against the hauler will be paid to the shipper within a set period of time.

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