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Embedded Damage Protection

A solution for P2P marketplaces, shipping & freight providers

How Embedded Damage Protection Works

Damage is inevitable. Every time you facilitate a transaction between two parties involving an exchange of goods, services, or transportation you can expect at some point damage will occur. It’s how you handle those moments that define your customer experience. Let us help with white-labeled customer protection design to fit right in to your platform.

  • You’ll sell damage protection to either your host, renter - or maybe both! 

  • Rentals are booked through your platform. (Not just house rentals - bikes, RVs, empty space, baby equipment & more.

  • If damage occurs, a claim is submitted and reviewed.

  • If the claim is found to be valid, a reimbursement payment is made. 
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If you have intrinsic risk in your platform, you don’t need us to tell you about it. Your customers likely already are.

Comprehensive Damage Protection

Let us help you find a solution that covers what your customers want protected most. Damage, loss, theft - even out of pocket or replacement expenses. This built-in safety net allows hosts or renters to be protected while transacting on your platform.

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Peace of Mind Protection

Embedded damage protection is a safe way to provide positive customer experience - while remaining neutral between the supply and demand sides of your business. 

Peace of Mind Protection

Harnessing Intrinsic Risk: Protection as a Growth Lever

An intrinsic risk is a natural part of every marketplace. What if you could harness yours? Protecting your customers and creating a revenue stream for your business. Watch our webinar to find out how uShip harnessed its intrinsic risk to reap 10x rewards.

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Learn More About How Tint Serves P2P & Shipping Freight Businesses

We Make It Easy to Integrate

Whether you are looking for a low-code plug and play solution or a bespoke solution with full integration - we make it easy. 

Our team is here to support you get your embedded protection up and running.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered? Property/people/animals? Damage protection covers the repair or replacement costs of damage, loss, or theft to property that is caused by the service provider during the course of the delivery or rental.
Can I adjust my damage protection coverage limits as my business grows? Yes, you have the ability to include maximum payment amounts and minimum damage reporting amounts that can be adjusted over time.
How long does the claims process take for my end users? Prioritizing claims experience is the main objective for Tint’s customers and this process will be completed within a few business days.
What needs to change in my business if I would like to embed damage protection? Offering embedded damage protection as part of your platform can be done through a terms of service specifically tailored for your users. Tint will assist in helping your platform draft this agreement.
Can damage protection help protect my business's reputation? Yes! Offering damage protection gives your customers the peace of mind when selecting your platform as they know their goods will be protected when using the services.

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