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Embedded Protection for Human Resources

Relevant embedded protection for HR Management Systems seamlessly integrated.

Who We Serve

Tint empowers HR platforms serving international teams with forward-thinking solutions. We utilize data-driven insights, an embedded experience, and rigorous compliance to deliver innovative solutions. 

Looking to create a solution? We’re here to help.

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Key Benefits

Our solutions ensure legal compliance and help companies maintain a more efficient and cost-effective global team management process, ultimately contributing to long-term success.

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Increase Confidence
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Create Efficiency
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Stay Compliant

Choosing the Right Protection Products For Your Platform's Customers

What does it mean to provide peace of mind with embedded protection? Find out in this article.

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What To Expect When You Work with Tint

The Embedded Insurance Opportunity

Tint equips HR Platforms with the solutions and guidance they need to build trust that’s often lost in a virtual environment. Businesses and teams can work together easier than ever and gain access to new opportunities.

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White-Label Customer Protection

You’re in the business of trust. What better way to deliver, than with embedded customer protection? We work with brands that prioritize delivering in crucial moments. Whether you are looking for off the shelf protection or to create a bespoke solution, we’re here to help build your white-label customer protection.


We Make It Easy to Integrate

Whether you are looking for a low-code plug and play solution or a bespoke solution with full integration - we make it easy. Our team is here to support you get your embedded protection up and running.

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