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Matheus Riolfi
Tint raises a $25M Series A round led by QED Investors to enable tech platforms to become insurers
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Insurance infrastructure
built for tech platforms.

Program Design

Starting a new program, growing an existing offer, or looking to optimize specific portions of a program already up and running? We'll make sure your offer is just as innovative as you are.

Policy Management

Empower your risk team with an easy policy management platform. No ongoing engineering resource required.

Claims Management

Ditch the spreadsheets and use Tint to investigate and pay claims.

AI-Powered Underwriting Engine

Harness your data to build or optimize underwriting and pricing - assisted by machine learning models and external data.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate your platform's workflows (and even your backend) with our flexible API.


Here's what makes Tint's insurance products different.

We don't want to put ourselves between you and your customers.

We're a tech company too - we get how important it is to stay close to users. That's why we provide the insurance infrastructure, guidance, and tools to build - grow - and optimize YOUR program.

We're re-thinking risk.

We leverage strategies that Fortune 500 Companies have used for decades and make them accessible for tech companies in growth mode.

Just because you want to protect your users doesn't mean you need insurance.

Yes, that's right. There's lots of ways to protect your users. We'll work with you to find the best option, ensuring your users are protected, your business goals are met, and your program is compliant.

We believe every tech company can turn protection into a profit center.

We structure programs that are fair to your growing business and your users - but that doesn't mean they can't be profitable.

They’re Your Users - Protect Them

Let’s talk intrinsic embedded insurance.