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The no-code insurance platform designed for non-financial companies

Configure every plan of your embedded insurance products. Access our no-code underwriting engine to seamlessly deploy and A/B test different versions. Leverage our AI-powered infrastructure to create models that optimize risk selection and pricing to improve profitability. Connect with the best insurance partners.

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Our Platform

The Tint Insurance Platform - Modules

Smart Underwriting Engine

Select and price any risk in real-time

Design underwriting rules and insurance products and get results via API. Use no-code configuration and test multiple versions to optimize profitability.

AI-powered Underwriting

Increase profitability with AI

Use AI models provided by Tint or by your team to augment your risk selection and pricing capabilities.

Insurance Marketplace

Find the right partners

Connect with the best insurance companies and data partners required to launch and improve your products.

AI-powered Technology

The Tint Insurance Platform augments your team by unleashing the power of data and machine learning to assess and price any insurance risk. You have full-control as this optional module can be used in tandem with your internal tools.

Tint AI Technology chart
Image no-code

No-code freedom for users

Our platform gives full control to risk managers and business owners who can manage embedded insurance programs without engineering resources. Users have the flexibility to create underwriting rules, new products, plans, and coverages and to define how they are calculated. We support both traditional methods like rating tables and modern ones like machine learning. All changes made are production-ready.


Our API can be easily integrated into your product workflows in a few hours to give you the flexibility you need to embed insurance seamlessly. We provide sandbox access for testing and let you control all integration items and see usage information on our app. For more details please check our API documentation.

Screenshot of the Tint API Documentation
Screenshot of the Tint API Documentation

Experimentation built-in

Our platform allows you to create, deploy, and track the performance of multiple versions of your insurance products. Design and run A/B tests to optimize parameters like coverages, pricing, deductibles, and limits until you find the perfect combination.

Compatible with the ecosystem

Our platform is open and uses a microservices framework that connects with other parts of the insurance ecosystem. It supports integrations with any distribution channel, core system (policy management, claims management), and data source (internal and external). You can chose the blocks required to assemble the technology stack of your insurance product.

Illustration of insurance ecosystem

Plans to power any company selling insurance

Our plans offer the flexibility that companies of all sizes need to offer modern embedded insurance products, with or without AI.


Contact us

  • Smart Underwriting Engine
  • Email support


Contact us

  • Smart Underwriting Engine
  • Insurance Marketplace
  • AI-powered Underwriting
  • Dedicated engineer
  • Dedicated data scientist

Smart Underwriting EngineThe Smart Underwriting Engine is included in the Starter planThe Smart Underwriting Engine is included in the Pro plan
Insurance MarketplaceInsurance Marketplace is included in the Starter planInsurance Marketplace is included in the Pro plan
AI-powered UnderwritingAI-powered Underwriting is not included in the Starter planAI-powered Underwriting is included in the Pro plan
SupportEmail and Slack channelEmail, Slack channel, and dedicated engineer and data scientist