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Examples of use cases

Instant onboarding decisions

Machine learning models unlock real-time onboarding decisions and enable growth with low risk. Tint identifies external variables about users that enrich your data and improve predictive performance. For example, do users that have a prepaid phone have a higher risk? Would the predictive power increase when we cross this information with the age of the email used?

Better insurance pricing

More data about a user allows insurers to make better pricing decisions and to run a more profitable book. By using Tint, insurers quickly identify external data that helps them refine their models and grow with profitable revenue. For example, are the housing characteristics provided during the quote accurate? Does employment information affect the probability of a claim?

Better credit decisions

Financial institutions rely on imperfect data like credit score, that may exclude millions of customers, to make lending decisions. By using Tint, lenders can identify signals that would complement, or even replace, credit scores. For example, could employment and education information help predict the risk of uses with thin file? How about income information? Are there signals that can replace credit data with a better ROI?

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